Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

increase search engine referrals

Increase visitors, enquiries and sales through your website. Use search engine optimisation services to increase referrals to your website from search engine facilities.

Only a handfull of search engines account for 90% of internet search traffic and it is estimated that 75% come from Google. It is for this reason that Enhance aims to achieve high page rankings for its clients on this most prolific of search facilities.

Not only will traffic to your website increase, the quality of visitors will also improve. Search engine optimisation looks to match business supply with market need. Hence, it is more likely a visitor to your website requires what you provide resulting in a qualified enquiry.

When a client approaches us for search engine optimisation, we initially carry out keyword research this tells us what people actually type into their favourite search engine. We then carry out competitor research. All our findings are then incorporate into the pages of the website.

After search engine optimisation, each page of the website becomes a unique marketing opportunity for your business.

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