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Achieve instant traffic to your website with a focused pay-per-click advertising campaign. Specify a daily spend and Enhance will manage your advertising campaign and report on its effectiveness.

Google AdWords connect you and your products or services with new customers at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services. The Google network reaches more than 80% of internet users. (Source:Media Metrix, December 2003)

With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to match your ads to your target audience and you pay only when someone clicks on them. This is a very cost effective method of marketing and typically has a high conversion rate.

Campaigns normally appear on Google within 15 minutes of submission.

The process is simple write your advert, select the keywords, set your budget and start seeing results within minutes of your advert going live !!

Enhance run many Google Adwords campaigns for clients who bring on new products or services, these are typically short campaigns that will not be running for long and therefore stand little chance of appearing in natural listings

Successful pay-per-click campaigns, as a search engine marketing strategy can be a very effective way of marketing.

Pay-per-click sponsorship and advert campaigns can generate leads with a competitive ROI. Adverts on the top search engines, on a cost-per-click basis.

Campaigns needs to be managed and can take a lot of time. Bid wars start therefore adjustments need to be made to ensure that you ramain on top of the search engines sponsored links.

Enhance can manage PPC campaigns for a monthly fee, however, for our clients who benefit from our monthly optimisation and support plans, this is included in their support fee.

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