low cost, fully customisable wholesaler sales portal

Providing the wholesaler with a fully automated sales channel to their entire reseller network. Providing the reseller with a fully customisable e-commerce solution with built-in fulfilment capability.

The wholesaler can ensure all catalogue updates are passed on to every reseller through the automated data feeds in to a single data repository - new products, price updates, stock levels.

Sales fulfilment is streamlined through the wholesaler with order inventory being passed back from the site. Resellers and customers can track orders throughout the delivery process alleviating the need for constant chasing back to the wholesaler.

easyEntertainment.co.uk allows the reseller to develop an e-commerce web presence quickly and at a very affordable price hence, minimising their risk and maximising their return on investment.

Easy to use admin screens provide resellers full control over the look and feel of their website. The flexibility of this solution means each reseller can impose their unique brand to the site. This way they get the flexibility offered by a developed site and the quickness to market and affordability of an "off-the-shelf" solution.

No web authoring or FTP software to purchase. No technical expertise required. Full control over content and choose from a large range of updated customisable promotional graphics.


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Key Points

Easyentertainment Low cost entry into owning your own e-commerce store

Full e-commerce functionality From only £3.00p per day

Ease of use No technical expertise required with user friendly management screens

Marketing features Reaching a wider market with improved services to your clients